Choose the thing you want to do for me and just do it

Juggling medical appointments, medications, and the day-to-day of having cancer is overwhelming, so it's difficult for me to take the time to think of specific things for individuals to do for me. I also don't want to ask someone to do something specific for me when they'd prefer to do something else.

Below is a list of things people have done for others who have gone through cancer treatment in the past which would be helpful for me as well:

  • Bring me food
    It can be pre-made or, if you're up to it, it would be a real treat to come over and cook.

  • Hangout with me at home
    Chemotherapy suppresses my immune system making me very vulnerable to getting sick from others, so when my white blood cell counts are low I need to avoid large crowds when possible. Having visitors helps me still feel like I have a social life.
  • Get me out of the house
    Contrary to the previous statement, when I'm doing well (white blood cell counts aren't too low) offer to take me out to free me from cabin fever.
  • Say "Hello"
    Too far away or busy to visit? Texts, phone calls, emails, I.M.s, and letters are all appreciated. If for some reason I don't respond, know that I've received your message and I'm thankful for it.
  • Visit me at chemotherapy
    Chemotherapy infusions take hours, can get boring, and a little depressing at times. You can see when I will be getting chemo on the calendar.

  • Help with housekeeping
    Don't worry, I won't make you wash my dirty underwear.  

  • Run errands
    Luckily most goods and services I need can be tasked through the internet, but there may be a few things the internet cannot provide.
  • Take Mr. Miyagi for a walk
    Experience the bizarre looks and repeated question, "what kind of dog is that?" from strangers when you trot a Chinese Crested down the street.
  • Help Elliott and I setup our new house
    I was diagnosed with cancer three weeks before moving into our new house. We are still living in a sea of boxes and awkwardly placed furniture. We may on occasion need help moving some things around.
  • Gift me a massage
    Chemotherapy causes a lot of physical discomfort that can be relieved by massage.
  • Take Elliott out for a drink
    Elliott is a superstar caregiver, but it can be really draining. Buy him a drink or five, he's earned it!
  • Ask Elliott if there is anything we need
    There are always going to be things that are not on this list that we'd appreciate help with.
  • Surprise me
    I have such creative and thoughtful friends and family. You may have an idea for something I haven't thought of that will totally make my day.