Breast Center Reception

Lindsay quickly navigates from the parking garage to the Brest Center reception area. She remembers the location because she was just at the location the day prior for her mammogram. 

Lindsay asks the receptionist for her medical records, specifically her images and pathology report from her mammogram, ultra-sound, and biopsy. The receptionist understood the request for images, but was confused about the pathology report. She asked Lindsay for her identifying information (FN, LN, DOB); Meanwhile, her colleague began offering advice on which form(s) to fill out and the two discussed the request, often contradicting each other. As the receptionist began filling out one of the forms suggested by her colleague, she soon realized that she had already filled out this paperwork in advance based on the phone call she received from Lindsay earlier in the day, she even had the CD burned and set aside. She asked Lindsay if she wanted to take the physical slide specimens, but Lindsay emphatically declined, stressing that she only wanted the digital images and reports. The receptionist confirmed her understanding of the request and instructed Lindsay to proceed to the Medical Records Department for the full pathology report.