Drop off Medical Records

Lindsay was told to drop of her medical records at the Piper Center receptionist before her MRI and that they were on the fourth floor. Lindsay and Elliott quickly find the elevator bank to the receptionist desk but chuckle at the post-it note taped over the Code Blue elevator button.

Lindsay tells the receptionist that she is there to drop off her medical records prior to her MRI. The receptionist calls the imaging department to determine who should take the image CD. Lindsay asked if they wanted the pathology report as well. Neither receptionist knew what to do with the pathology report, one receptionist recommended calling the imaging department again to ask just as the women they were originally on the phone with walked up to the desk to grab the CD. The receptionist asked what to do with the pathology report and the woman took it along with the image CD.

After dropping off the both images and path report, the receptionist tells Elliott and Lindsay to return to the first floor lobby and get directions to medical imaging from the information desk in the lobby.