Mayo Care Coordination

Lindsay receives a call from Corey, a care coordinator at Mayo Clinic. Corey wanted to ask some clarifying questions, specifically relating to her health record. Lindsay explained that she was seeking multiple opinions before make treatment decisions. The coordinator asked Lindsay what kind of cancer she was diagnosed with, Lindsay explained she had DCIS and ICS, the care coordinator was initially confused but Lindsay clarified by reading the entirety of the pathology report, verbatim, to her over the phone. Lindsay and Elliott shared some confusion about the line of questioning since Elliott faxed the path report on Wednesday.

Corey expressed her concern that Mayo would need Lindsay’s biopsy slides and have enough time complete their own pathology analysis prior to her scheduled appointment (November 20th, 2015) at Mayo. She then makes the recommendation that Lindsay obtain the slides from Regions Hospital.

Corey then began asking some general health questions. She asked if Lindsay had any anxiety and had some calming words about it. She also asked about Lindsay’s support network and reiterated the importance of it. She then gave Lindsay an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.

The call ends with Corey giving Lindsay instructions for the day of the appointment and lets her know that they may order additional testing on Lindsay’s biopsy (specifically Ki67).

The call lasted 48 min.