Medical Records Department

Lindsay and Elliott entered the Medical Records Department reception area and Lindsay requested her path report. The receptionist asked Lindsay for her identifying information, entered the info into her computer, but did not understand the request and asked a clarifying question: “You want your medical records?”

Lindsay specified she was looking for the pathology report. The receptionist told Lindsay to go back to the Breast Center to fill out forms and request the image CD for her full health record. Lindsay informed the receptionist that she had already signed the forms and received the image CD and that she was in the Medical Records Department to get the path report. They now understood her request and asked Lindsay and Elliott to have a seat in the reception area while they pull her report. After a short wait, they hand Lindsay a blank white envelope and send her on her way. After exiting the Medical Records Department, Lindsay and Elliott open the envelop to verify its contents. After quickly skimming the pathology report they begin to realize the true gravity of the situation.