MRI Images Fail, Reschedule

Lindsay receives a call from the imaging department at Abbott Northwestern notifying her that there was an error in the scan and that she would have to come in for a second MRI. Lindsay wanted to ensure that the error was not based on anything she did while in the scanner. The technician informed Lindsay that the there was a technical error with 10 of the images slices that prevented the 3D scan from rendering.

The technician then asked if Lindsay could come in the next day to redo the MRI. Lindsay said yes and the technician asked if she was at the right time in her cycle to do the scan. No one had ever discussed this issue with Lindsay, so she let the technician know where she was at in the cycle and asked the technician whether or not that ok. The technician didn’t know.

They schedule the MRI, the technician gives Lindsay instructions on where to go for check in (near “the waterfall”), that she would not be charged for the MRI since it was a hospital error, and that she could validate her parking at checkin.